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to capital, liquidity and secondary trading opportunities in Canada's exempt market.

About TSX Private Markets

TSX Private Markets is a dealer-to-dealer voice-brokered service, complemented by an informational website that facilitates the raising of capital and secondary trading in the Canadian exempt market.

TSX Private Markets is operated by Shorcan Brokers Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group and a registered Exempt Market Dealer with over 35 years of experience as an inter-dealer broker.

A new platform to access Canada's exempt market

TSX Private Markets Capital Formation
  • Facilitation of brokered, private placement financings for both private and public companies
  • Fill offerings at potentially higher valuations through enhanced visibility and access to the Canadian dealer and advisory network
TSX Private Markets Secondary Trading
  • Secondary market trading of private company securities and public company "hold period" securities
  • Managed liquidity programs that enable a pre-defined group of investors to transact exclusively amongst one another
  • Settlement and clearing of all eligible transactions on a T+3 basis through CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc.